Newcastle Computing: Celebrating 50 Years of Campus-wide Computing

Thursday 13th June 2019, 13:30
Event Space, Urban Sciences Building, Newcastle Helix, NE4 5TG

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This is an event held by the Newcastle University Historic Computing Committee to inaugurate the first stage of a large and ambitious exhibition "The History of Computing at Newcastle University". This will be housed in the Atrium of the Urban Sciences Building. It will be based on the extensive collection of historic computing artefacts, documents, videos, and photographs amassed and carefully curated over many years by the late Roger Broughton, Computing Service Operations Supervisor (1967-2002). Roger (pictured here working in his office in the mid-1980s) passed away in 2016, but his work is being carried on by the Committee's volunteers and the Collection continues to grow apace. A new online version of Roger's artefact database is now available, listing over 400 artefacts:

The present event commemorates just one of the most important milestones in the history of computing at Newcastle University and indeed in North East England: the acquisition in 1967 of a large IBM System/360-67 mainframe computer, and Newcastle's active participation in the design and implementation by 1969 of the Michigan Terminal System (MTS), the pioneering multi-user operating system. When installed in Newcastle, the S/360-67 was the largest IBM computer in any British university, and MTS was used to provide one of Europe's very first interactive time-sharing services. More information on the background of the event, along with the full programme for the day can be found here: inauguration.pdf.

The unveiling of this display is to be marked by a public celebration, featuring invited speakers and an unveiling ceremony followed by a drinks reception.

List of speakers:

Attendance is free, but for space reasons we require registration. If you would like to attend, please fill in the registration form by clicking the button or URL below.